Graffiti + Mural Park

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 About the Park

The Mayfair Art Studios Graffiti + Mural Park is meant to be a free and open space for local creatives to express their creativity on a grand scale. Local artists are encouraged to use the wall as a place to practice large scale artworks or create new and unique pieces of art in the Upstate. The outdoor space is intended to serve as a rotating gallery of artwork that evolves and changes over time, creating a new experience each time you visit. While free and open to all, the park does have a few rules in order to ensure the park functions as an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

Header image is a concept only. Actual murals/ park content varies.

Park Rules + Frequently Asked Questions

Creatives interested in painting at the park will need to submit an artwork proposal and obtain approval from the Mayfair Art Studios staff prior to painting a wall section. The parks walls are divided into a specified area directly across the main entrance of our facility. Once approved for painting, creatives will be assigned a wall and should not exceed the boundaries of their specified section unless otherwise given permission by the MAS staff. If interested in a specific wall section, please notify the MAS staff when submitting your proposal. 


Creatives must receive approval from MAS for proposed artwork  

Murals will rotate periodically and be painted over to make room for new artwork based on artist demand. (Murals will remain for a minimum of 30 days) 

Creatives should only paint on their assigned panels unless otherwise approved by the MAS staff 

Creatives can request a specific panel but cannot be guaranteed

Hours of painting are 8am-Sunset 

Content exhibiting or related to the following items are strictly prohibited:

Hate Speech
Extreme violence 
Pornography/ Nudity
Copyrighted material

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